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Supplemental  Insurance

Sign up for a PREMIUM Membership to access to all of these amazing Member Benefits.

Debbie Shearer

It is important as a Manual therapist to make sure you cover your most important asset…YOURSELF! Debbie has partnered with a 100-year-old company that does things very differently. Some of differences between their policies and traditional insurance are as follows:

✔  DAY 1 coverage ON and OFF the job (no matter how dangerous the occupation or activity)

✔  No deductibles

✔  Unlimited claims

✔  No premium increases due to the amount you claim

✔  Pay on top of anything you already have

✔  Customizable Plans that can work with anyone’s budget


As a Premium Member, you have access to family plan discounts that can range anywhere from 20%-51% Connect with Debbie for a free consultation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable the plans are!

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