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The Gift of Pain

By Dr. Shar Rai

In our busy world today, no one has time to deal with pain of any kind. Whether it is a headache, a digestive issue, or anxiety, there is a pill to get rid of the symptoms. We have been trained to take some form of medication because in actuality, some of us don’t have the time, capacity, desire or courage to explore our conditions on a deeper level. I am certainly not discrediting medications or shaming anyone who is on a medical protocol. Truthfully, they are necessary for certain situations and I am so grateful for that. I have taken my share of meds for my headaches, colds and even debilitating menstrual cramps. What I am saying is that taking an introspective approach to our pain is essential if we truly want to be well. For example, headaches are common, but they are not “normal”. Could we revisit our diet, levels of physical activity or even how we are managing stress to help us understand what the headache is telling us? Are there some lifestyle changes that can be made before relying completely on medication?

Imagine driving on the highway and the “Check Engine” light goes on. Chances are pretty good that we are not covering it up or ignoring it. Our car is in need of attention, so we invest time and money into figuring out the issue so it does not turn into something bigger and more difficult to manage in the future. We are getting to the root cause of that light going off. Pain is your “Check Engine” light. When we begin to feel physical symptoms, the root cause of the pain or dis-ease has been present for some time. Your body is very smart and will do whatever it possibly can to compensate for the problem, until one day it can’t. Symptoms tell us something is wrong, imbalanced, out of order within us. What if we took the time to process the incoming message, understand why the pain is there, and where it is originating. This can be applied to our physical body or emotional state. Pain is a warning and full of information; pain is a gift. It teaches us to Pay Attention Inward Now. Like unwrapping a present, exploring pain can get very messy. However, the knowing that comes from that process is liberating.


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