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Massage Therapy MEDIA Out in the Wild

Massage Therapy Media has been through some big changes since we came into existence last year. We started out with the idea that we wanted to build a global community of manual therapists, make connections, and provide therapists with a resource that both improves their practice and provides access to continuing education. We also wanted to maintain an in-person component seeing as connection is of utmost importance to us, so we became the producers of the Canadian Massage Conference. Of course, we also have our affiliates and member benefits but it still wasn’t enough. We knew that we had to do more as a media company and so we took our mission to create a global community of therapists to the next level and started reaching out to various groups and associations in our profession that are doing amazing things.

As some of you may know, we have attended conferences in Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Winnipeg and provided media coverage for their events. It was so much fun to talk to staff, presenters, exhibitors, and attendees and really showcase all of the amazing things that take place at these conferences. We could not be more grateful for the two associations that took a chance on a new company, and allowed us to be part of their conference experience. What is even cooler, is that it has helped them to raise more awareness and get other therapists interested in attending future conferences. So, to the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA), and the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM), we are forever your biggest cheerleaders.

Following attending associative conferences as a media team, we were invited to be the official media team at the Canadian Massage Championships in Montreal. This event took place on a large trade show floor at a spa convention. It was such a beautiful and exciting event. The energy from the organizers, competitors, judges, and spectators, just had the entire place buzzing. We got an inside look at what a Massage Championship really is and we got to share that inside information with our community. This is what we are all about. If it’s happening in the massage world, we want to be part of it. This is how we will continue to bring our community together globally.

CMMOTA strikes again! The fall conference is just around the corner and once again, Massage Therapy Media has been invited to do media coverage on the tradeshow floor in Red Deer, Alberta. My bags are already packed! Two days after returning from that event, we have been asked to cover yet another Massage Championships. But this one looks a little different. This time we have been asked to cover the World Association Nuad Thai Championship 2023 Canada. The Canadian Association of Nuad Thai and Spa is working hard to raise public awareness of Nuad Thai massage and we get to a part of it! We are extremely honoured that another association sees the value in making a new connection and creating a larger massage community.

That is not all. We have also recently partnered with the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Sport Massage Therapy Association (CSMTA) as an official sponsor of their educational conference and to provide media coverage of the event in Niagara Falls, Ontario, taking place in November. We will have the chance to broadcast to our community all of the hard work that this association does for the sport therapy world, a sneak peak at some of the educators doing their thing in the classroom, and an inside look at the incredible community and networking environment that you can only get from attending a conference.

This past year has been a whirlwind for us at Massage Therapy Media and we are just getting started. We will continue to build community, make connections with associations, make connections between therapists and educators, and bring you all of the up-to-date news and information coming out of the therapy world. We intend to do this all while having fun, providing education, and entertaining the global massage community.

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