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Massage Therapy Media Has Arrived

By: Massage Therapy Media

Please allow me to introduce you to the future of Massage Therapy. Have you ever been scrolling through YouTube videos, TikToks, Faceboook groups, or Instagram

hashtags looking for cool new techniques, Massage Therapy, self-care, or exercise videos? The rabbit hole is endless. There are so many incredible educators and content creators that allow us to continue to improve our own practice as well as keep the profession moving forward that you could learn something new every time you open your phone. Whether you’re pondering a difficult clinical case or looking to spice up your technique toolbelt, online platforms have become one of the most popular ways for us to pick up new tips and tricks to incorporate into our treatments.

Continuing Education is of course still king in any healthcare related profession because there is so much you cannot learn from a 1-minute TikTok or without practical hands-on instruction. Live - stream and in class courses are so valuable to Manual Therapists but how do we decide which ones to take and how to we even begin to find all of the mentors and educators that we want to learn from? Imagine an opportunity to check out dozens of educators' content before committing to taking a full course that costs valuable time, money, and your energy. Well, isn’t that what conferences are for? Sure, conferences are a fabulous way to network and learn from the broader community and get a chance to check out some of the brilliant minds in our profession. Well, what if I told you that we can have it all?

Massage Therapy Media is launching in Spring of 2022 and our aim is to provide Massage Therapists with the resources, content, and access to continuing education, business coaches, and educators all on one platform and to further bring the Massage Therapy community together. In November 2021, the One Concept Group who have been the organizers of the Canadian Massage Conference and the American Massage Conference, partnered up with the team from ConEd Institute and 2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone to put our heads together and create something that checks all of the boxes based on what you all have told us you would love to see in our profession. From many hours of brainstorming sessions, Massage Therapy Media was born. After months of filming,

curating content, working with the best of the best, we could not be more excited

to finally get to share this incredible new platform with you.

Massage Therapy Media is an online platform and streaming service that allows members access to hundreds of hours of video content by various educators and content creators in the Global Massage community. A Free Membership will give you access to publications such as this new digital magazine which will be sent out quarterly, blogs, articles, editorials, and various Massage Therapy podcasts. Included with a Free Membership you also get access to student study resources, infomercials for products and services, industry news, classifieds, and previews of

live TV to showcase what is in store with a paid membership.

By purchasing a plan with Massage Therapy Media, you get all of the perks we think you need to improve your Massage practice. There are over 20 channels of original content organized by the topics you want to find to make your scrolling more efficient. We have everything from 5-minute lectures, to assessments, business, energy work, exercise, international massage, modalities, self- care, techniques, and so much more. New content will be uploaded regularly so you can continue to get more from your favourite Massage Therapy Media personalities all the time! Aside from the hours of entertaining and educational video content, a subscription with Massage Therapy Media comes along with Member Benefits ranging from business consultations, legal consultations, discounts on Continuing Education, discounts on products and equipment, as well as practice management software and professional liability insurance.

Massage Therapy Media aims to provide Massage Therapists with resources to

make the connections they need, obtain information in a fun and engaging way, as

well as to showcase the talent that exists in this profession. For educators and content creators we want to give them a platform to get in front of a broader audience to increase their following and class sizes. We will also continue to organize in person conferences with a new and exciting look and feel. Our mission is to bring the global massage community together for the benefit of the individual therapists, our patients and clients, the educators and mentors, and the profession as a whole. Welcome to the future of Massage Therapy.


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