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Energy...why is it important to learn about energy?

By Jena Skai

Energy...Why is it important to learn about energy? What does energy have to do with our body and with our well-being?

Energy is part of who we are. It is our vibrational frequency within the world. It is how we relate, perceive and interpret the world around us. Within the energy body is our mental/emotional body, the place where the energy of our emotions rests. We see the ways in which this relates to the physical body when we explore somatic therapies and energy healing practices.

There are multiple facets to our energy body and our vibrational frequency. Thanks to the wonderful research being done at the HeartMath Institute, we also now know our most powerful vibrational frequency comes from our heart center. We have a better understanding of how the resonance of our feelings shift our vibrational energy pattern and changes the way we experience our outer world.

Everything can be traced back to energy, so why would we overlook it when we are dealing with our own health & wellness?

There is a reason why the concept of Mind, Body & Spirit has stuck around for all these years. People are awakening to the fact that they are more than just their physical body. There is more awareness around the power of the mind. People have been seeking a more meaningful spiritual connection. When we tap into the energetic resonance we uncover so much more about what is going on within the person and its relation to their physical symptoms. In this way we start to unravel the deeper truths of the complexity of our human experience. Wellness encompasses the whole person and the relationship of the mind, body & spirit to the Self. A therapist or practitioner that recognizes this is more able to help you create transformational, life changing, sustainable shifts within your own well-being.

Jena Skai, Sacred Soul Healer, Educator & Owner of Sacred Soul Healing Arts Center

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