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Anatomy of the Energy Body

By: Jena Skai

Sacred Soul Healer, Educator & Owner of Sacred Soul Healing Arts

Anatomy doesn’t mean just the different parts of your physical body. Anatomy is the study of the structures and the parts together, and just like your body has parts, so too does that part of you which is Energy. We are more than just this physical body. At our core we are spiritual, energetic beings. It is through these energetic channels that life force energy flows. Our own internal life force energy of our soul and the energy from our surroundings mingle and create, with or without our awareness. By becoming sensitive to our own energy and the energy of things around us we begin to awaken to a deeper level of consciousness and understanding. Our energetic body begins with our auric field.

The Aura

All living things are surrounded by an energetic field, better known as an aura. It is believed that through this aura, we are all connected. It holds information about the object it surrounds by way of electromagnetic vibrations. This information can include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual map of the living thing it encompasses. In the case of our bodies, it is the very energy of life. All living beings create energy. Our heart’s rhythm creates an electromagnetic pulse which can be monitored by sensitive equipment. We create our own individual magnetic fields, and we even have polarized sides (positive and negative) the basis for polarity therapy, another energy healing modality. The mystics of the world learned to characterize and use this energy. They realized sometimes too much energy was lost and an imbalance was created, which in turn caused sickness. The 3 main layers of the auric field are:

1. Physical Body- This layer extends out about an inch or two from the body. It is most often the easiest layer to see and sense. This layer of energy reflects the bones, muscles, and organs, and also includes the first layer of the energy body, sometimes called the “etheric template”. It is within this layer, energy practitioners can scan the body to find sources of injury, pain and disease.

2. Mental/Emotional Body – This is the next layer that extends out a few feet from the body. This is what most people see as the colored portion of the auric body that forms a bubble around the individual. This layer holds mental and emotional processes and reactions, as well as long-term standing patterns as the emotional/mental reflections of diseases. This layer has many more layers within it, each with a different meaning and connection.

3. Spiritual Body- The final layer is connected to the Higher Self and with the Divine. It is not limited to the personality, gender, or history we carry around with us in a given lifetime; instead it is the spiritual body of who we really are as it reaches out from our soul. It rises so high above us that it connects us to all living things and it extends infinitely. It is in this layer we can find out more about who someone really is.

Double Torus

In this great age of scientific discoveries, we have now learned of the double torus energy flow. This energy is constantly swirling around us and cycling through, bringing in new energy and recycling old energy in figure 8 patterns around us. This swirling movement of energy body is found around everything no matter how big or how small, all the way down to the tiniest of molecules. The understanding of this energy system has led to a breakthrough in understanding how the energy is moved from outside our body and into our body. Not only does this energy flow surround our auric layer, but it is also connected to the constant flow of energy within our bodies, creating an influx of life energy into our system and pushing it through our energy fields.


The Chinese system of meridians date back to the beginning of their recorded medical practices. The meridians are energy pathways through the body that connect the energy to the various organ systems. These lines have many points on them which are believed to stimulate organ function. Blockages or stagnant energy in the meridian lines cause dysfunction and dis-ease within the physical body. This energy theory is the basis for acupressure and acupuncture treatments, as well as reflexology. With energy work we do not work specifically with the meridians however we do affect their function, so it is important to understand how these systems work together. All of these systems come from different cultures and beliefs, yet they are all correct pieces of the puzzle that make up our energy body.

The Chakras

Ayurvedic energy theory defines three major pathways: the central channel; the masculine polarity channel; and the feminine polarity channel. The feminine channel receives charged prana (energy) through the left nostril; the masculine channel receives charged prana through the right nostril. This energy circulates in the body and goes through the central and most important channel down through the body and filters into the various energy centers (chakras). There are seven major chakras located along the central channel. Each contains life-energy vibrating at a specific level. They correspond to various vital functions, emotional states, physical organs and even senses. The seven main chakras include: Root, Sacrum, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. These chakras act as vortices of energy, pulling energy in while also sending energy out.

How the Energy Fields Work Together

Our aura is the energy layer which allows us to feel connected to everything, protects us, warns us, picks up on other energies and surrounds everything. The energies we come in contact with leave energetic markings in our auric field. If we come in contact with a negative person we may feel that negative energy within seconds or within hours depending on how our energy system is flowing. The auric layer passes some energy onto the chakra system. The chakra centers draw in this energy as it is pushed through our aura by the double torus movement. This energy comes into our auric field then through our chakras where it is dispersed throughout the inner workings of our energetic system. If there is an area of stagnation of blockage within the flow, this energy can more easily become stuck and cause us to notice and become more aware of something being off. Now this cycled energy gets sent through the meridian system as it then branches off through these energetic veins and arteries (the meridian lines) and flows to our organs, muscle tissue, blood, lymph, and glandular system. This is how energy is able to affect our physical bodies. There is much more depth to how our energy system works, as there are MANY more energy pathways than this, but this will provide you with a great start to build some understanding of these complex energy systems and how it affects the body.

If you would like to learn more about the energy body and how to work with energy in your practice, consider taking further courses in energy healing with Jena Skai in the Sacred Soul Healing Arts Academy.


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