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MASSAGE Magazine announced the recipient of its first annual Massage Champion of the Year award

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Nov 1, 2022

MASSAGE Magazine announced the recipient of its first annual Massage Champion of the Year award

JACKSONVILLE, FL, Nov. 1, 2022 – MASSAGE Magazine announced the recipient of its first annual Massage Champion of the Year award. The magazine presented this award to The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) for its continued advocacy and support of the massage community.

As the massage industry evolves, it is clear that the education sector requires a champion of its own. AFMTE advocates in the interests of the massage therapy education sector and has joined the other stakeholder groups in the massage therapy field. AFMTE seeks to positively impact schools, teachers, practitioners and resource partners, as well as everyone who receives massage therapy or bodywork.

“MASSAGE Magazine’s staff is honored to have the opportunity to recognize the AFMTE for the important work it does to support the very foundation of the massage field—schools, educators, students and continuing education providers,” said MASSAGE Magazine Editor in Chief Karen Menehan. “We are also pleased to offer another unique program to celebrate the massage field, and look forward to making this Massage Champion of the Year award to other deserving organizations and individuals in the future.”

AFMTE will be featured in MASSAGE Magazine’s November print issue and online at, also in November. The MASSAGE Magazine Champion of the Year award includes:

• If a nonprofit, one-month donation campaign promoted by MASSAGE Magazine

• A feature article that will run both in print and online

• A unique digital logo to display on AFMTE’s website

• Social media coverage on the magazine’s social channels

• The opportunity to present a complimentary webinar

• Reduced rates on professional liability insurance for members and affiliates

• A complimentary eBook to provide to members

• One month of complimentary digital banner advertising

About AFMTE:
The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education’s mission is to serve as an independent voice, advocate and resource for the therapeutic massage and bodywork education community. This organization promotes its National Teacher Education Standards Project, which includes a model teacher-training curriculum and certificate program; advocates for the interests of members through collaboration with stakeholder organizations, governmental agencies and regulatory bodies; provides educational opportunities for educators and administrators; and offers such support to both teachers in brick-and-mortar schools and providers of continuing education.

About MASSAGE Magazine:
Established in 1985, MASSAGE Magazine has been in publication longer than any other massage magazine and is the preferred trade publication for massage therapists. MASSAGE Magazine publishes articles on technique, business, news, self-care, research and more. MASSAGE Magazine is the parent company of Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, which offers liability insurance and member benefits. Additional award and other programs established by MASSAGE Magazine include its now-retired All-Stars program and its Massage Therapist Appreciation Week, held in January every year.

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