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Massage Championships in Canada

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Mar 24, 2023

Massage Championships in Canada

The World Championship Massage is an event that takes place in Copenhagen created by the International Massage Association.

"The International Massage Association aim to develop and promote the various massage techniques which are practiced by experienced Massage Therapists worldwide.

The World Championship in Massage is primarily a competition, but at the same time an opportunity for Massage Therapists to find professional inspiration and networking.

By participating in the World Championship, the Massage Therapists will get the opportunity to strengthen and improve their skills. A Diploma will be issued for each participant, enabling the Massage Therapists to brand their business in a new way."

You may have noticed that the US has recently exploded with Massage Championships with various states hosting their own events.

Canadians seem to be a bit more reluctant to embrace the notion of a competition when it comes to Massage Therapy. But Quebec is different story... The province of Quebec already seems to march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to Massage Therapy, and they continue to do so by hosting the Championnat Canadien De Massage Edition

Here is what the Quebec based organization has to say.

"Why have a championship?
Massage championships aren't just a place where people put their talent on the line; in fact, for many, the medals are secondary. If a massage therapist participates only for the medals, she or he is missing a lot. These events are wonderful for learning, for inspiration and above all for meeting and exchanging with other therapists, networking, creating new possibilities through new international friendships.

A championship is an environment where quality is defined, encouraged and rewarded. And in doing so, not only does it give massage therapists exposure, but it sheds light on the very elements of what makes great
massages and great massage therapists. There are few places where this is done in a cohesive, organized, and well-meaning way. By creating a massage championship, people, both professionals and the public, focus on what is important.

Massage is a manual therapy with its biomechanical, psychocorporal and energetic qualities that impact the body and mind.

The public is still in the process of discovering the incredible benefits of massage and loves to explore the multiple possibilities that this millenary therapy offers in its tradition and modernity.

International competitions are a pretext to present a vast array of practices existing around the world and the occasion for each RMT to export and broaden her\his art beyond the walls of her\his clinic... In a championship, therapists around the world are
invited to participate to:
-Have fun, share, exchange with colleagues from all walks of life and build strong ties.
-To positively position massage therapy worldwide in the public eyes.
-Demonstrate passion as massage therapist.
-Encourage progress, learning, getting out of any comfort zone and surpass themselves."

The Canadian Massage Championship will take place on May 7 and 8, 2023 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Massage therapists around the world are invited to participate.

For Registration and Information:

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