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CMTO - Changes to Registration and Application Fees

May 19, 2022

Changes to Registration and Application Fees

Each year Council reviews CMTO’s audited financial statements, financial projections for future years and cost drivers to set fees for the coming year. CMTO has not raised fees significantly since 2019 for several reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in significant pressure on CMTO’s finances as the organization continues to deliver on its legislative mandate while managing a higher than predicted rate of inflation.

To continue meeting regulatory requirements and supporting RMTs in the delivery of safe and effective care, CMTO is proposing the following fee changes:

General Certificate fee increase by $100 (from $797 to $897 for 2023).

Increases to the General Certificate fee of no more than $75 in future years.

Inactive Certificate fee increase to 50% of the General Certificate fee (from $200 to $448.50 for 2023).

Application fee increase from $100 to $225 for 2023, plus an annual increase equal to the rate of inflation, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Raising fees is only one of several ways CMTO is addressing current financial pressures, and we are actively working on reducing costs relating to investigations and IT development.

Have Your Say

CMTO is circulating proposed changes to By-Law No.7, which sets out CMTO’s fees, for comment. Your comments are welcome until July 19, 2022. Learn more and provide your feedback.

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