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CMTBC introduces Practice Development Program

May 6, 2022

CMTBC introduces Practice Development Program

As Cycle 13 comes to completion on October 31, 2022, CMTBC is pleased to introduce its upcoming Practice Development Program (PDP), which is part of the redesign of CMTBC’s Quality Assurance program.

Starting in 2023, the Quality Assurance program will be comprised of two core aspects: (1) mandatory CMTBC online courses on professional standards; and (2) the PDP. Two of CMTBC’s key tasks as a professional regulatory body are:

1. Setting and enforcing minimum standards of practice to ensure that registrants provide safe, ethical, and effective care

2. Promoting high practice standards among registrants

CMTBC knows that all RMTs aim to provide high quality care to their patients. Launching in 2023, the PDP will actively support registrants to continually improve the quality of care they provide to patients. Based and founded on the concept of career-span competencies (CSCs), which are applicable across the span of a registrant’s career, the PDP reflects a quality improvement approach to professional development.

While the College will continue to provide required courses for RMTs on professional regulatory standards, the PDP will allow each registrant to define their own individual developmental path.

The PDP will come into effect in January 2023 and participation will be mandatory for all registrants. Throughout the remainder of 2022, CMTBC will provide more information to registrants about PDP requirements.

CMTBC has posted additional information, including two videos introducing registrants to the CSCs and the PDP, on the Practice Development Program page. The videos contain more information about the PDP.

CMTBC will continue to update the Practice Development Program page as more information about the PDP is made available later this year.

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